The Glass Castle Symbolism

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Thirteen stripes and fifty stars were assembled to symbolize a land of the free. Symbols tend to have immenseful impacts on the lives of those they relate to. As for Jeannette Walls and her family, prominent motifs, namely the Glass Castle, New York City and a Joshua tree implicate strong faith in her father, rising up from vast dysfunction and a rebirth for not only herself, but her siblings as well. In her highly acclaimed memoir The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls utilizes striking symbols to hook her readers as they immerse themselves in the convoluted chaos that is the Walls family journey. Those thirteen stripes and fifty stars not only represent a land of the free, but a faith for the people. As for Jeanette, her faith constantly lies in the in the hands of her father, Rex. Like most little children do, Jeannette, always believes daddy is capable of anything. On the other hand, Jeannette’s siblings, Lori and Brian do not have as much faith in their father. Faith, much like the Glass Castle, is simply an idea; it does not physically exist. The Glass Castle is merely nothing more than a ploy, a ploy which Rex, Jeanette's father, uses against her to maintain her trust by describing the glorious structure with “glass ceilings and thick glass walls and even a glass staircase”(25). Yet the castle does not even exist, nor will it ever; the fictional formation of glass symbolizes hope for young Jeannette. But her siblings are not as faithful in their father's fantasies of a
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