The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

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The story begins with Jeanette Walls riding in the taxi in New York, on her way to the event when she notices her mother out the window digging through the trash. Even though her mother has been homeless for years, she feels shame about her mother’s life. This leads her to think about her childhood and how her parents’ choices affected her.
She opens the door to her childhood, beginning with when she was 3 years old and boiling her own hot dog by standing on top of the chair to reach the stovetop. While doing that, her pink dress catches on the fire because of which gets her horribly burned. She spends a few days in the hospitals and enjoys it too, because she is getting food on time and is not left starving. One day her dad shows up and they run off out of the hospital without paying the bills of her treatment. That night her family leaves the town and move to another place, taking as much stuff as possible with them. Most of her childhood memories involve her whole family- mom, dad, Jeanette, Lori, Brian, and later on Maureen -moving from one desert towns to another, settling in as long as her dad can hold the job. This happened more frequently due to the dad’s alcoholism coupled with his paranoia about the organized society and the state. One of the towns they stayed in was Battle Mountain, Nevada, where they spend a few months. Jeanette and her brother Brian spent many hours exploring the desert and collecting rocks. Even their mother got a job as a teacher and

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