The Glass Ceiling, An Invisible Barrier

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America is based on principles of equal opportunity for all; however, many institutions still discriminate against females. Most people would like to believe that there is not an invisible barrier that prohibits women from obtaining positions that they are fully qualified to uphold, but this belief would put us in a state of denial. America’s policy makers have put laws into place to regulate equal rights for genders and minorities; however, their efforts to regulate these laws have fallen short. This barrier, known as the glass ceiling, is a well-known historical term in the business world. It is still tremendously prevalent in many institutions. A small fraction of women have been able to break through the glass ceiling, but why is it such a difficult obstacle to overcome? Will there ever be total equality for men and women in the workforce? Further exploration of these issues will support the claim of discrimination women face in today’s workforce and outline a solution on this subject matter.
First off, the term ‘glass ceiling’ was created in the late 1900’s and is used to describe the situation in which workingwomen hit a dead end in their careers and have no room to grow upward into higher management positions. The term ‘glass ceiling’ was coined to represent a barrier that makes it difficult for women and minorities to climb up the organizational ladder. The ‘glass’ refers to the transparency of this barrier; this barrier is not necessarily visible to the
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