The Glass Ceiling and How Gender Discrimination Affects Women

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The Glass Ceiling and How Gender Discrimination Affects Women Does Father really know best? In Corporate America, men seem to want full control. Our organizations have been created by men for men and they have great opposition to women infiltrating their management positions. Men have created glass ceilings for women in the workplace. A glass ceiling is an artificial barrier that allows women to see the top of the corporate ladder but at the same time denies them access to the higher rungs of that ladder. Women keep hitting their heads on the glass ceiling until they develop so many knots on their heads that eventually they give up on their goals and ambitions. Father knows best! I don't think so! More women today have higher…show more content…
As you see, educational attainment is a key ingredient to shattering the glass. Women are beginning to see that the best way to get to the top of any type of business is to create their own business. In women owned businesses today, the women seem to accept any business background shortcomings and seek education and training before they take the leap. Women try to base their decisions on logic and on sound business decisions. They do not seem to "shoot from the hip" the way many men do in the business world. In corporations that have dared to hire today's businesswoman, it seems these women officials are easier to work with in a consensus team building environment. Women tend to offer higher wages to their employees and fight for better benefits for them as well. Women know the need for flexible hours, childcare, and better insurance. All in all, it seems that women understand the problems of their employees. They work hard to be number one and in turn make their employees feel like they are number one to them. In most corporations today, the glass ceiling goes unnoticed and certainly unquestioned. Corporations boast of being a great place for women to work, but women are always middle management, not higher management. Women are only 2% of the top wage earners in Fortune 500 companies, according to the Department of Labor. Of these women executives, 60% of them are sexually harassed by male
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