The Glass ( Container )

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Bismillah irrahman irraheem
Allahu nooru assamawati wal ardi, mathalu noorihi kamishkatin feeha misbahun, almisbahu fee zujajatin, azzujajatu ka annaha kawkabun durriyyun, yooqadu min shajaratin mubarakatin, zaytoonatin la sharqiyyatin wala gharbiyyatin, yakadu zaytuha yudhee-u walaw lam tamsashu narun, noorun 'Aala noorin, yahdee Allahu linoorihi man yasha-u, wayadhribu Allahu al amthala linnasi, waAllahu bikulli shay in 'Aaleemun (35)
I seek refuge with Allah from the stoned Shaitan
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth. The similarity of His Light is as a Slot, inside which is a Lamp. The Lamp is inside a glass (container). The glass (container) is as a bright planet. (The
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‘(The example of God 's Light is like a lamp in a niche, a recess in a wall).’
Scupin, (2003) went further to argue that Ibn Massa 'oud, May Allah be pleased with him, alleged that the luminosity of God 's Face lights (gives luminosity to) the Throne everlastingly. As He lives higher than the Universe and their astrophysical systems, the incident of day or night does not live, and there is no requisite for any luminosity above and beyond His Luminosity, honor to Him in His Highness. The Luminosity is in a glass (container) (as the glass container brightens the luminosity, like the electric bulb in our time does). The glass (container) is similar to a brilliant earth (as a result of having the lamp luminosity inside it).
(The luminosity of the lamp) is fashioned by fire commencing a sacred olive tree (oil), (The olive tree has been honored by being talked about in the Holy Quran, as in this Verse and in Surat Al-Teen (Chapter 95). It is a sacred tree for the numerous benefits it supply inhabitants with, such as oil for food preparation, illumination, messaging skin, and nourishing hair roots. Its beans are also tasty after processing. Finally, the bean seeds are used as wood for food preparation and heating purposes).
Which is neither of the east nor of the west, (which is in the middle of the olive grove but in a clear distance from all other trees, so it can receive the sun luminosity all day, thus enabling it to produce the best and brightest oil?
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