The Glass Fireworks Company

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For the Acme Fireworks Company, the goods would be the large fireworks displays that the company would be setting up and setting off, not the movable, physical fireworks, the physical fireworks would be governed by the UCC. Even though the fireworks themselves are moveable, they are not being sold independently, they are being used in individual firework displays. The businesses that are purchasing the firework displays are actually purchasing the setup and display of the fireworks, not the physical fireworks. Once the display has been set up and the display has begun the fireworks are no longer a moveable object, which make them firmly under the governance of common law. Service contracts are typically governed by common law, even though they include goods, but they also involve services. Since a pyrotechnical display is at minimum a twelve hour artistic set up process that requires skilled labor it is reasonable that this should fall into a service category verses transporting a good. “A contract is a legally enforceable agreement” that” comes into existence from the voluntary assent of two or more individuals to enter into a legally binding agreement” (Rogers, 2012). Under common law, they have an express contract, “Since a contract comes into existence as soon as the offeror’s offer is accepted by the offerer” (Rogers, 2012). So basically a “a contract is formed when an offer by one party is accepted by the other party” and that “offer need not be made to a
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