The Glass Menagerie Analysis

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The delays and choices of the Wingfield family are their ways of searching for a purpose in life. In the play, you can see the character’s attempt to delaying choices. However, you can also see how others choices have affected each other. The husband of Amanda, and the father of Tom and Laura left. The abandonment plays through out; however, it is more about his choice of leaving the family behind. You can also realize Tom’s delay of leaving by his nightly escapes. Laura is escaping anything that must do with the “real” world. Whereas Amanda forces her compulsions trying to make her children’s life choices, both Tom and Laura. Pursuit plays an enormous role in The Glass Menagerie. Tom and Laura’s father pursued the lifestyle of the open road. Amanda wanted a better life for Laura causing conflict between the family, she puts pressure on both children. Laura yearned for a life free of friction yet yearning for this is not reality. This caused even more strife within the family. Jim pursued women whom he based off their aesthetics and popularity. However, Tom is not only pursing but also pursued.
Tom acts as a duel role in the play by being a narrator and protagonist. The play comes from the perspective of Tom’s memories. He participates as both a character within the play recalling his own recollections, and by addressing the audience to present an analysis of the events. Tom feels confined in his job and family and yearns to escape in every aspect of his life. Tom is

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