The Glass Menagerie By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Glass Menagerie is arguably the most symbolic and deep plays ever written. The Glass Menagerie isn’t just a story of Laura’s disability, it has a deeper meaning behind it, and it can be easily overlooked by mediocre minds. Although the story revolves around the Wingfield family, Tennessee Williams throws in symbolism that corresponds with his childhood. In a way, he found closure for the loss of his sister Rose through writing The Glass Menagerie. One of the symbols is the play that holds a different meaning for each of the characters is the fire escape. As the play evolves the fire escape brings out Laura’s, Tom’s, and Amanda’s true desires. OR The fire escape like the other symbols hold a deeper understanding of the characters, and although Tennessee didn’t admit that he wrote this story off of his own experiences as a child having dealt with similar circumstances, it’s obvious it was written about his childhood. So, the symbolism also makes a deeper understanding of Tennessee himself and the kind of life he lived. As I said the fire escape shows the desire of escape, the realization of danger within the Wingfield home, and the characters’ true qualities are brought out by the fire escape. For Laura, the fire escape is symbolic to show how interdependent she is on other people once she slipped and fell. It signified that she can’t even go outside alone without getting hurt. Laura always needs someone to be with her. The real world is too much for Laura; she could
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