The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee William

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The play “The Glass Menagerie,” written by Tennessee William in 1945, recounts around a family trying to escape the limitations of time and their difficulties coping with life. The main character Tom is the man of the house watching over his mother and sister since his dad left. He is to stay home and fulfill the duties of working at a warehouse but his dream is to leave and be adventurous. Laura, Tom’s sister viewed as crippled and stuck in the present of her disability and shyness stopping her from doing things in her life. Amanda, Tom’s mother lives in a world that is sensitively bound to the past.
William portrays Amanda, Tom’s mother lives in the world that is sensitively bound to her past life. She stays talking about herself younger and pretty getting gentleman callers. In the play Amanda states, “This is the dress in which I led the cotillion. Won the cakewalk twice at Sunset Hill, wore one spring to the Governor’s ball in Jackson! See how I sashayed around the ballroom, Laura? I wore it on Sundays for my gentlemen callers! I had it on the day I met you father—(6,412-13).” Amanda can never fairly remove herself from the past to arrange the stipulations with the course of life in the current events or what that present promise for the future. Since the past dominates the present, the future is invalid in malice of her worries for Laura’s future. She suggest that Tom finds a gentleman caller at the warehouse for Laura. In the play Amanda states, “Find out one that’s…
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