The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee William

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In the play “The Glass Menagerie” of Tennessee William, he wrote a drama play to emphasize readers about the life is at a standstill the Wingfield family. Through of the Wingfield family, he uses many symbols which represent many things, but the important main symbolization is fire escape that shows three main characters; Tom Wingfield, his fire escape is the way out of Amanda and Laura. Amanda Wingfield, hope gentlemen callers to enter their lives, and Laura Wingfield, who wants in her own world by collecting unicorn animals. They express successfully in the play by using the fire escape portrays each of characters as literal exist from their own reality. In the play, the Wingfield family lives in the apartment in St. Louis, but nobody…show more content…
From his speech, we see that he is seeking haven from his life, where he can find his true dream. He does not feel enjoy with current job at a warehouse. Tom finds the ways to escape his current life, he feels nothing motivation to continue living, he told his mother about his feeling now when they have a conversation about finding Laura a gentlemen callers, he is angry: “I’m going to opium dens!.... I’ve joined the Hogan gang…..I go to gambling casinos…..They’re going to blow us all sky-high some night! I’ll be glad, very happy, and so will you! You’ll go up, up, on broomsticks, over Blue Mountain with seventeen gentlemen callers! You ugly- babbling- witch,” (1186, Scene III). In Tom’ eyes, the fire escape serves as a transit between "truth" and "illusion." It detaches reality of the outside world, which in this case, the city of St. Louis, from the world of the Wingfields. Tom 's way of dealing with his misery is to remove himself from his locale and go to the movies. He claims his love for movies, “I go to the movies because – I like adventure. Adventure is something I don’t have much of at work, so I go to the movies,” (1190, Scene IV). Next character tries to find a way out of her own empty world is Amanda, in the play; she is the mother of two specific children. She has high hopes to marry a wealthy man, but she never finds out who like her need. She lives with a bitter of obsession and paranoia so she has high need for her children, Tom and Laura; she
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