The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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“The Glass Menagerie” is a riveting play by Tennessee Williams that takes place in 1930’s St. Lois. This play is unique in the manner that it is a memory play. The narrator, Tom Wingfield, is also one of the main characters. Tom is the son to Amanda Wingfield, and the brother to Laura Wingfield. Toms father, whom is referred to as Mr. Wingfield, left his family and has only sent one postcard from Mexico since his desertion. Although Mr. Wingfield deserted his family his picture still remains on the living room wall of the families lower middle class apartment. The play opens with Tom setting up the play for the observers. Tom tells of the background of the play. Seeing as how the play is set in the late 1930’s the working class is…show more content…
Laura confesses that she has not been going to her classes. Instead she has been walking around town and enjoying other activities. Laura not going to Business College anymore sends Amanda into turmoil. Amanda demands that the only option now is for Laura to get married. This leads the two of them into a discussion of Laura’s high school crush. Jim, he sat near Laura in chorus. Laura also tells her mother how he used to call her “Blue Rose” because he misheard Laura tell him the name of her disease. In scene three Amanda has become obsessed with finding a gentlemen caller for Laura. Amanda thinks that if the family has more money that Laura will seam more appealing to young men so she starts running a magazine subscription. Tom and Amanda also get into a huge argument in scene three. Tom is pissed that his mother offers him no privacy. He is also enraged that his mother returned his book that she refers to as filth. As Tom makes an attempt to leave Amanda “pokes the bear” by asking where he is going. Tom gets very angry and starts to yell at his mother; when his coat will not go on he throws it and accidentally breaks some of Laura’s ornaments. Scene four is all about Tom returning home drunk. Laura hears him coming up the steps at five in the morning trying to get his keys out to
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