The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams Essay

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Tennessee Williams was a renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning playwriter for his numerous plays throughout his career. One of such plays is The Glass Menagerie. After perfecting his play for many years, The Glass Menagerie was first introduced to Broadway on March 31, 1945. As a young writer, Williams lived vicariously through his plays. Throughout this play in particular, there are several allegories that pertain to Williams ' life. Although Williams had a relatively happy childhood, his life changed when he was relocated to St. Louise, Missouri. “The carefree nature of his boyhood was stripped in his new urban home, and as a result Williams turned inward and started to write” (bio). Writing plays was a way for Williams to express his frustration within his family. The Glass Menagerie is a representation of a majority of things. Primarily however, it represents nothing lasting forever and the fragility within Williams’ own family. Throughout the play, Williams uses numerous metaphors and symbols that create a connection between him and his characters. The first indication of similarities between Williams’ life and his play is the setting itself. Williams chose to set the play in a place he was all too familiar with, St. Louise. Williams portrays his frustrations through each character differently. From the very beginning, each character is trapped in his or her own way. The son is trapped in a role that he no longer wants any part in, the daughter is trapped behind her slight
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