The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Isolation is prevalent in “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams. This is presented in symbols such as blue roses and the glass unicorn, for they are imagined objects and only existent in another fantasy world. Williams incorporates such arcane symbols to draw out his characters, Amanda, Laura, and Tom, and how they cope with confinement. Most importantly, the symbols of the play represent how isolation debilitates them psychologically in an attempt to connect with reality. The jonquils represent how Amanda desperately clings on to her past, resulting in her inappropriate behavior during Jim’s visit. The glass menagerie reveals Laura’s inability to face reality, trapping her in perpetual isolation. The fire escape demonstrates Tom’s journey on conquering desolation because he take action to prevent the detriment that drains him of energy. The jonquils represent how isolation is detrimental to Amanda because she continuously clings onto her past. The past dictates so much of Amanda’s life that she judges everything based on her experiences. For instance, when Amanda relates advice to Laura on marriage, she rambles about her past instead, including the time she was showered with endless jonquils. Amanda raves about how everyone in town admired “Amanda and her jonquils” and how “every available space was filled with jonquils” in her house (Williams). Amanda, however, fails to recognize that Laura does not possess charm and vivacity, yet Amanda imbues her past onto
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