The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Sean Connelly Prof. Chiang-Schultheiss English 102 07 December, 2015 Escape From Reality Every character, with the exception of Jim O’Conner, in the play, The Glass Menagerie written by Tennessee Williams, has their own forms of escape from reality. This reoccurring theme holds the play together and can be considered the main emphasis of the entire play. The most obvious examples are from Tom, Laura and Amanda Wingfield; however, there is one character that is bound to be over looked in the realm of escaping. The father of Laura and Tom, husband of Amanda, left a huge scar buried deep within the whole family. He is always present in the entire play even though he is nameless and only mentioned a few times. By understanding the devastation this man caused by leaving the family, every other character can be further analyzed and better understood as to why they all regress into their own fantasies. During the play, Mr. Wingfield, which we can assume is his name since there was no mention of Amanda ever divorcing him, is always looming over the family in a giant portrait hanging in the middle of the living room and gazing over everyone’s lives. It was mentioned by Tom late in the play that their father, “has been absent for going on sixteen years,” (Portable Literature, 1194), putting the siblings below the age of seven when he left; however, after all these years he still seems to be a part of their lives. Tom and Laura are in their early twenties so it seems rather odd that
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