The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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In literature, stories traditionally revolve around a main protagonist, whom the fate of the other characters rests upon. The protagonist is often expected to struggle and bear important duties in order to achieve success. The main antagonist, on the other hand, is usually responsible for the struggles that the protagonist must overcome, and serves as a threat to the characters. The character of Tom in Tennessee Williams’ play, The Glass Menagerie, serves as a flawed protagonist. He bears the heavy responsibility of supporting his family, but also struggles against the boredom and stress of his everyday life. Despite his positive traits, he clearly shows contempt for each of his family members, and longs for adventure away from them. Tom’s father, whom is only mentioned by the characters, can be considered an antagonist. His abandonment of his family led to the many difficulties that Tom, Laura, and Amanda face. As such, he burdens the family and ultimately has influence on Tom’s decision to leave them. Williams uses various literary devices to enhance the theme that one must act without pity in order to escape life’s struggles. The Glass Menagerie takes place in St. Louis, in 1937. The main protagonist, Tom, works in a shoe factory, and his only source of enjoyment is writing poetry and watching movies. His sister, Laura, is a crippled woman with little confidence in herself. Their mother, Amanda, attempts to secure a safe future for Laura, but is ineffective in raising
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