The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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In a 1965 interview, Tennessee Williams said, “I have always been more interested in creating a character that contains something crippled. I think nearly all of us have some kind of defect, anyway, and I suppose I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person” (Stang, 1965). The Glass Menagerie takes place at the apartment of the Wingfield family in the 1930s. Each character finds the need to escape reality due to their individual personal desires and motivations. The main characters Laura, Amanda, Tom Jim and Father each have various weakness and strength that develop their character. Tom is the narrator and the protagonist of the story. He desires to escape his overbearing life for a life full of adventure and excitement.
Tom, son of Amanda and younger brother to Laura, is the most limited character in the play, but makes the most interesting character transition. Tom is the narrator of the play and feels trapped by his life and is constantly looking for a way out. “I go to the movies because - I like adventure. Adventure is something I don 't have much of at work, so I go to the movies.” (Williams, 1965, p. 1044). Although, Amanda is the mother, she places almost all of her responsibilities on Tom. “I 've had to put up a solitary battle all these years. But you 're my right-hand bower! Don 't fall down, don 't fail!” (Williams, 1965, p. 1044). She
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