The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, is a classic drama about a young man who is tired of his dull and boring existence. Tom, the main character, struggles to deal with his family, who is apparently holding him back in life. With the use of powerful writing techniques, Williams is able to captivate his audience and create a play that has stood the test of time. An excellent writing technique employed by Williams that contributes to The Glass Menagerie’s success is his use of plot. Throughout the drama, the main character and narrator, Tom, is seemingly unhappy with his environment and situation. Williams transitions us through Tom’s memory to give the audience an understanding of what Tom experiences. Tom, left by his father to care for his mother and sister, has grown into a hardworking man who feels trapped and enslaved by his family. He tries to escapes his reality by going to shows and drinking to the point of intoxication. In the third scene, Williams gives us a glimpse into Tom’s habit of trying to escape during an argument with his mother: AMANDA: Where are you going? TOM: I’m going to the movies! AMANDA: I don’t believe that lie! (The Glass Menagerie scene 3. lines 123-125) Williams again moves us through his plot to the climax when Tom’s mother Amanda asks him to find a suiter for his shy sister, Laura. Tom reluctantly agrees and recruits a co-worker, Jim O’Conner, to call on his younger sister. Jim, a crush of Laura’s from school, is able to bring Laura out
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