The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a play that represents the revelation of truth, the struggle of accepting reality, and the realization of possession. We focus in on the Wingfield family consisting of the mother, Amanda, her daughter, Laura, her son, Tom, and her absent husband that ran off years ago, but still holds a presence in the household despite his absence. Considering that this play was set in the 40’s and deals with issues that the present society does not face, it seems that this play has become “irrelevant” to us. Although, it is more relevant than ever before due to today’s society’s suppression of inner struggles just as the Wingfield family does. In 2014 modern day, the world is suffocating with laptops, games, phones, and other little distractions that cripple us from properly communicating with other people and with ourselves. This is a direct parallel to Laura’s life and her precious glass menagerie’s that she holds dear to heart, which forms as the true crippling crutch in her life, not her brace. I began my dramaturgical approach to this conclusion by first, reading the play, researching the core themes about the play and characters lives, and thus correlating it to our modern day lives. The Glass Menagerie first premiered on the stage of the Playhouse Theatre in New York City on March 31st, 1945. Before the play had premiered, it turns out that Williams’ was extremely stressed for the opening because the actress portraying Amanda, “Taylor
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