The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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Afif Albahnasi
Ms.Jenna Scalf
English II - Period 5
26 October 2015
Laura and the outside world The Glass Menagerie is very interesting because William 's play relates to alot of people and their situations, people can learn alot from it alot whether they connect to Amanda and her past or to Laura and her lack of confidence and being in a world of her own or to Tom and his internal conflict about abandoning his family or staying with them. Laura 's life is all about her glass menageries what happens when her glass unicorn breaks? What happens when a gentleman caller comes over? In the Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams uses the symbols Leg Brace, Blue Roses, and The Glass Unicorn to represent Laura 's fragile character that is stopping her from accomplishing life goals. The Glass Unicorn is one of the major and very interesting symbols in the story, it’s one small thing that has alot of meanings. Williams uses The Glass Unicorn to symbolize Laura’s fragility and how they are both so alike and sort of weird, Jim and Laura were discussing her glass figurine when he says “Unicorns - aren’t they extinct in the modern world?” (83).
After a long talk about glass figurines a romantic atmosphere surrounds them with no light around increases the romance in the room, they start dancing and as they dance in the dark they bump Laura’s favorite glass figurine which is the glass unicorn, as she tries to calm herself she says “Now it’s just like
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