The Glass Menagerie By William Shakespeare Essay

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We all want to disappear at times… escape even. In the end we all know that we cannot run from our problems, no matter where you run they are always there lurking in the shadows. Tennessee William’s 1944 play “The Glass Menagerie” is a remembrance of time long ago and wanting to escape the unhappy, confining lives of Tom, Amanda, Laura and Jim. Although they are unhappy with their lives they choose to hide from the reality. Amanda is stuck in a lifetime ago- her youth back in St. Louis in the 1930s. She tries to relive her youth through Laura. Laura is pretty much terrified of life in general and uses her disability to hide. Tom on the other hand just exists through life and spends a lot of time writing poetry, drinking and living vicariously through movies he watches every night at the theater. Jim is a coworker of Tom’s and went to high school with Tom and Laura. He knows that there is more to life than what he lives. His plan of escape come via continuing his education, but often relives the past of his glory days. Each character in the play has their own method of escape which they use to hide from the real world. Amanda is trapped in a lifetime ago of her youth in the 1930s where she grew up in St. Louis. She often tells Tom and Laura stories of when she was young. “Why I remember one Sunday morning in Blue Mountain… your mother received seventeen gentlemen callers!” (Williams, 1944). Amanda has chosen to hide from reality by trying to relive her past through Laura
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