The Glass Menagerie Essay

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In the story The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, it is about a dark and dreary time, with characters who are trying to escape their miserable and unhappy lives. There are a few characters, such as Amanda Wingfield and her son Tom, who are trying to escape their predicament, but these characters are the cause of their own selfish misery. The two who are not as straightforward about their wants and ambitions are Laura Wingfield, the daughter, and Jim O’Connor, the gentleman caller. Escape can be gained through the mind, body, and soul as Laura and Jim come to understand during certain aspects of their lives. Laura and Jim are trying to escape their situations brought upon them by not only themselves, but by others too, which is why…show more content…
When she is standing in the Jewel Box, and looking at all the beautiful flowers, she relates to them as though she is also trapped by an outer glass shell. These attractions give Laura a small reprieve, but cause her to miss out on a fulfilling life. It seems that near the end of the story all hope is with Jim in Laura’s eyes as she starts to open up to him, and he takes time to get to know her and compliment her. To Laura, Jim is the man of her dreams, and possibly the savior to help aid in finding freedom from such a dismal life, but as stated in a critical essay by Louis K. Greiff, he does just the opposite: “Jim O 'Connor 's entrance at first seems to promise the realization of Laura 's dreams, yet he ends instead by destroying them.” During his time with Laura he accidentally breaks one of Laura’s glass figurines, and surprisingly, Laura does not seem to be upset by this. With Jim’s visit he manages to coax Laura out of her glass shell some, but she is still unable to find liberation from her unsatisfying life. Another character that has a need to flee from circumstance is Jim O’Connor. He is a man who does have a plan for life, and even though it is not anything extraordinary, it is his own and seems to be going well. Jim’s need for escape comes from who he used to be as the popular boy in high school. His life was to be vastly different from what it is amounting to now, which is average at best. Jim describes this to Laura during their talk: “For

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