The Glass Menagerie Essay

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The Glass Menagerie-Journal Entry #1
If you could change the outcome of the story, what change would you make?
If I could change the outcome of the story, I would have allowed Laura and Jim O’Connor to get married. I would have made this change because then Amanda’s problem would have been solved, and Laura would have had financial support in the future. Another reason I would have made this change is because Jim O’Connor would have been the ideal man for Laura because he connected with her. He saw past her awkward fondness of a glass animal set. He also got Laura to take pride in herself.
Another thing I would change is the early department of Tom. I understand that he was longing for adventure outside of the warehouse. I also
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Tom’s memories also prohibited him from finding happiness and moving forward, but it also led to the creation of the play. All of the characters have ways to deal with their cruel memories, except Tom. Amanda has her happy days from her youth and Laura has her glass collection. Tom has no sufficient way of escape. He has tried escaping to the movies, but he came to realize that it was not a real way out. I dislike how Tennessee William’s uses both past and present tenses in the play because it is a bit puzzling. As you know, Tom is both a narrator and a character in the play. Younger Tom is the character and older Tom is the narrator. Older Tom speaks in past tense since he is telling his recollections. Younger Tom is speaking in present tense.
The Sun Also Rises- Journal #4
Are you sympathetic or unsympathetic towards a character’s dilemma or difficult decision?
I am sympathetic towards Jake Barnes’s problem. Jake Barnes was a soldier who fought in the World War I. During the war, he was wounded. Due to his injury, he is unable to have sex, which can cause problems, both mental and physical. For Jake, his injury causes two major problems which I feel are very unfortunate. These problems both hinder Jake from moving forward and progressing in his general life, as well as his love life.
The first reason I feel sorry for Jake is because his injury prevents the love of his life from entering into a relationship with him. Brett Ashley is a woman

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