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Research Paper “The Glass Menagerie” English 102 Spring 2010 Outline I. Introduction a. Thesis statement- Playwright Williams uses symbolism throughout “The Glass Menagerie” to illustrate the struggle for happiness that each character faces. II. Symbolism a. The Glass Menagerie b. Escape c. The Unicorn d. Darkness III. Conclusion The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the play “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams. Specifically it will discuss the symbolism and imagery in this play. “The Glass Menagerie” is a tragic story of the Wingfield family, a dysfunctional family of dreamers who never seem to actually achieve their dreams. Amanda,…show more content…
To escape the raw facts of her lonely life, her dysfunctional family, and her own lack of motivation, she retreats into the past. She continuously looks back on her girlhood and the “gentlemen callers” who filled her home and admired her. In some pathetic part of her mind, she remains that young, tantalizing flirt, and as long as she immerses herself in those dreams, she can escape the very dull reality of her present life. She is poor; her husband abandoned the family, her son does not respect her, and her daughter is disabled. Escape is the only thing she has that brings her any joy or satisfaction in her life. Another critic notes, “Amanda represents the ideals of the Old South, the Puritan tradition, and a kind of meaningless conformity that destroys the individual without the consequence of enriching the world” (Crandle 12). Each member of the family uses escape in some way to cope with their unhappiness, but Tom is the only one to make a permanent escape. Critic Harold Bloom writes, “Thus, while the father still personifies love to the romantic memory of the middle-aged Amanda, he symbolizes another kind of romance to his son-the romance of escape and adventure” (Bloom 34). Escape is in Tom’s blood, and that is clear throughout the play-his major goal is always to leave, symbolizing his father’s role in his life and his need to

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