The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

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The Glass Menagerie, a family drama play written by Tennessee Williams, and published in 1945 tells a story of the Wingfield family as they struggles with choosing between one’s own personal dreams and accepting the reality of the family’s situation. The Glass Menagerie stresses the subject of failed endeavors to escape reality and to occupy an elaborate unsustainable fantasy world. “A blown-up photograph of the father hangs on the wall of the living room, to the left of the archway. It is the face of a very handsome young man in a doughboy's First World War cap. He is gallantly smiling, ineluctably smiling, as if to say "I will be smiling forever." (1) Mr. Wingfield, husband to Amanda and father to Tom and Laura, is one of the most significant characters in the play even though he is never seen. Tom frequently comments on the fact that he is similar to his father in many ways: TOM: I’m like my father. The bastard son of a bastard! (31) Mr. Wingfield worked a menial job at the telephone company and feels unfulfilled and like Tom, had the desire for adventure. In order to fill his quest for new experiences Mr. Wingfield abandoned his family. His picture, however, is prominently displayed in the Wingfield’s living room almost like a constant reminder. The more desire for adventure Tom expresses, the more Amanda compares Tom to his father. Tom begins to use this ‘willingness to abandon the family’ almost as an excuse. Tom starts to believe he carries the character trait for
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