The Glass Menegerie vs August Osage County

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Patel 1 The More Dysfunctions, The More Escapes The Wingfields and Westons are both inimitable families who carry distinctive traits and characteristics. In the play, The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams portrays a southern family in the 1930 's trying to deal with life 's pressures, and their own fears after their husband and father deserts them. In the play, August: Osage County, Tracy Letts depicts a large eccentric family who come together after the death of the patriarch, Beverly, and try to triumph over the obstacles in life. Unhealthy and detrimental relationships among family members are ample between the two families. The Wingfield and Weston families are both trapped by their own dysfunctions, which force…show more content…
Amanda sees the fire Patel 4 escape as an opportunity for gentleman callers to enter their lives. Laura’s view is different from her mother and her brother; her escape seems to be hiding inside the apartment. Also, the Westons are trapped in their homes and can’t seem to escape. They don’t all live together, but are brought together as one due to the death of the patriarch, Beverly. Every member of the Weston family has their differences. They endure many problems as they live with one another. An indication of incarceration is when Violet tapes the shades and lets nobody opens them. Charlie questions Mattie Fae about the situation, “This business with the shades, taping the shades?” (Letts 20) As soon as the family members see that they can break away from the house, they leave as soon as they can. Even though the family is brought together, they are all happier with their individual lives away from the family. Lastly, facing the truth can be challenging and exigent for certain people. In this case, Amanda Wingfield is not aware of the truth and repeatedly nags and aggravates her children. Amanda stipulates Tom to comb his hair, as she says, “Comb your hair! You look so pretty when your hair is combed.” (Williams 38) Amanda mainly bothers Tom about finding a gentleman caller for Laura, she feels that Laura is lonely and needs a companion in order to be happy and pleased in life. Also, she Patel 5 thinks that Laura will not be secure and

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