The Glass Of Ice Water

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A glass of ice water is placed quietly onto the chipped dining table. I compose myself opposite to the drink, waiting for my mother—commonly known as Grace—to take her own seat. The room houses a dull heat combated by a lone ceiling fan, yet I’m sure even that artificial breeze would be considered wintry to her. At last she makes her way to me in what I can only describe as a stroll—for she appears to be perpetually at ease with her surroundings—and so our journey through her past would begin in a few short moments. The remaining seconds seem to lengthen as the interview draws closer; I can only speak for myself when I admit that the concept made me uneasy, but also enthusiastic.
Grace is an industrious individual who always seems to be
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Apparently, there was a similar experience with high school. “I just felt really disconnected from it all.” she mentions. Once again there is a slight uneasiness to her statement before she takes a brief pause. Before long, she takes up her usual persona. “There was one experience in high school that changed my life. Getting a job.” It was here that she began to feel like an adult—managing her time, cooperating with people, learning about the world. The job was supposed to be just for the summer, but having financial freedom was addicting. “...once I got the taste of earning my own money and spending it on what I wanted, it was hard not to keep working!” she exclaimed with a smile and a wave of her hands. The ability to purchase what she desired when she pleased made her feel like an adult. Her first step forward had been taken. Soon after graduating high school, Grace’s desire for independence peaked. She speaks with a mischievous grin, that of a child eating a cookie stolen straight from the jar. “Soon after turning eighteen I packed my things and moved out...I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me.” With a friend at her side and money in hand, she took a chance to achieve her goal of freedom. However, her life from home did not last long as her roommate could no longer afford rent, and so she returned home disappointed and defeated. This setback still appears to weigh on her; she hangs her head slightly as if the event had just
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