The Glass Slipper : Myths And Myths

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What Happened to the Glass Slipper Myths have been a part of humanity since as far back as we can imagine. Most of the myths or stories you hear today are modern takes on ancient oral tales. These tales have been retold many times. Each time a myth is retold it is reflective of the time and place it is being retold. The author and the audience must relate to the story, therefore it will be told in such a way that the people of its era can easily understand and relate to the theme. Myths are often used to help us understand many different aspects of our lives. Love, death, hatred, compassion, religion; these are all topics commonly found in myths. These are also topics which are hard to define. Rationalized versions of a myth represent the storyteller and audience, their beliefs, traditions, and everyday lives. Before going into depth on this topic, it is important to understand what the word “myth” means. The word itself comes from the Greek "mythos" which originally meant "speech" or "discourse" but it later developed the meaning "fable" or "legend". The word "myth" can now be defined as a story of forgotten or vague origin, basically religious or supernatural in nature, which seeks to explain or rationalize one or more aspects of the world or a society. ( When using a story to define a concept such as love or religion to your audience, you must first appeal to them. People are more likely to be interested in something

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