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1. The Glegg Water Management is now facing the challenge of repositioning their key product, E-Cell, which is a breakthrough technological progress in water treatment. Despite the superiority of the technology, the management team needs to find a radical approach to penetrate the market and develop a strategy to make E-Cell the industry standard.

2. Competing Resins Technology: As mentioned in the material, traditionally, caustic chemicals were used to flush away the impurities and regenerate these resins. In these systems, the mixed-bed ion-exchange stage was preceded by separate cation and anion exchange vessels. As applications became more demanding, it was clear that chemically regenerated ion exchange systems had limitations. ”
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It is possible that power plants and petroleum industry requires the highest flow rate, while chemical and some small manufacturing needs lower flow rate, where E-Cell’s competitive advantage in scale will be less remarkable.  Different sectors may differ in their required standard of water quality.  Some sectors value the E-Cell’s trait of being scalable. For example, in the manufacturing sectors, the end-users may want to adjust the capacity of the small increments according to their different scale of project in different periods. And the significantly less space will help the end-users of the industry to save more cost.

 The other specifications that the case is silent but could influence the buying decisions are: whether the EDI technology will

4. Glegg basically functioned as a link between the technology suppliers and the end-users.  Through customizing the technology components from the suppliers, Glegg provided the clients with industrial water treatment solutions, including clarification, filtration, roughing and polishing, and etc., tailoring to the specific needs and requirements of the customers.  Glegg water company provided with their clients with a comprehensive design toolkit and a very good customer service which would follow the client’s project from start to finish.

Currently, the Glegg Company has a major breakthrough in its
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