The Global Air Transport Industry

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The global air transport industry is one of the largest industries beating out the pharmaceuticals industry, textiles or automotive industries and the air transport industry is around half as big as the global chemicals and food and beverage industry. If we was to label air transport as a country, it would rank as 21st in the world, equal to Switzerland and doubling Chile or Singapore.
There are 13.4 million indirect jobs in industries supplying the tourism industry are supported by visitors that fly in. These include employment and activities of suppliers to the air transport industry, places like aviation fuel suppliers; construction companies that build airport facilities; manufacturers of goods sold in airport retail outlets; suppliers of sub-components used in aircraft; and a wide variety of activities in the business services sector. Companies in the air transport industry support over 9.8 million indirect jobs through the purchase of goods and services. These indirect jobs contributed approximately $697 billion to global GDP in 2012.
Direct and indirect tourism jobs supported by air transport create 6.9 million jobs in other parts of the economy, through employees spending their earnings on other goods and services. Direct, indirect, and induced creates 35 million jobs within tourism, contributing nearly $807 billion annually to world GDP. The shopping of employees of directly or indirectly job inside the airports supports jobs in retail like banks and restaurants.
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