The Global Arches Business

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The Global Arches business is a large global corporation that started off in America. Even with this large corporation starting in the U.S., it has branched out and is now a big part in the fast food industry around the world. When outsiders look at the American life, they see a very fast pace, overweight, and look for the easy way out and inexpensive ways. These are largely what the Golden Arches Corporation is all about. Many people see the expansion of this business as an expansion of the problems this country has. The culture around us is seen as to have a major connection with the Golden Arches Industry. With the inspiration of America moving toward globalization, many counties feel as though they are losing out of their original…show more content…
To this couple, this fast food restaurant represented a new world; a new clean society in which to an extent the American Dream was possible. Another example of the cultural change influenced by the Golden Arches is the integration of new words and phrases into the Chinese society. Many of the workers created new terms which are part Chinese and part American words for things like cheese and drive through (Page 43). This is important because the integration of two languages together might be confusing to others but to the people using it, it can create an exotic outlook on what the customer actually wants. There have been many cultural changes in these three foreign areas that have created trends that lead to globalization. Globalization today is an important part of everyday life but at the time of this book being written (1994) there was still a large amount of skepticism of this idea. Each of the three areas has strong examples of culture change to show The Golden Arches push toward a more globalized world. In Beijing for many years there was a very negative look on absorbing and bringing in information or tendencies from other areas into your own. This idea was opposed for many years by the Chinese government. When the movement of The Golden Arches came to China, specifically Beijing there started to be a change in the way Chinese
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