The Global Beauty Industry Value Being Estimated Around Us $ 265 Billion

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With the global beauty industry value being estimated around US$265 billion by 2017, it is evident that the cosmetic industry is a successful one. Hence, this paper will focus on the elements that have shaped the personal grooming industry, into what it is today.
The evolution of the cosmetic industry will be highlighted. Furthermore, the estimated revenues made as of 2015, will be underscored to show this industry’s market values and statistical diagrams will be used to represent the most relevant data on this industry. The top five industry leaders in within the cosmetic industry will be highlighted showing the sales they generated as of 2015.
A specified approach to the market structure, conduct and performance paradigm will be explained and analyzed. Structure will explain the entry conditions inclusive of buyers and sellers in the cosmetic fragrance industry. Additionally, Conduct will relate to the power of the cosmetic industry and how it is affected by its ability to set price above cost. Furthermore, the performance of this industry will highlight the profits these firms will be making in the long-run. Moreover, this paper will pinpoint the issues managers face when opening a business in the cosmetic industry and will enable business owners, to evaluate, analyze and make proactive decisions to fulfill their short and long term goals.
NAICS CODE According to the United States Census Bureau, the NAICS code for the cosmetic industry is 446120. This industry therefore…
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