The Global Business Environment : Canada Essay

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How effectively do Canadian businesses and government engage together to promote a shared vision and agenda in the global business environment? I think that Canadian business and government do engage together to help promote a shared vision and agenda in the global business environment. Canada is an energetic federation. The government of Canada can’t act alone to determine a resolved in the matter. The Prime Minister himself must follow the key activity. He has the leadership and he cares about what he brings to the people and to bring the chief and aboriginal leaders and environmental together that emerge with a typical position that stands and speak to Canada’s future with hopefulness and trust. Here are three key points that the government engages in the global business environment: • A partnership with the provinces they called about gatherings with the chief, which the government successfully did with the Free Trade. • Ethical agreements with the First Nations that gone past open deliberately about past grievances and now they are focusing on opportunities for employment and the growth of economic for the future, which they did in making the new aboriginal domain of Nunavut. • A sensible plan of creating new advances innovation to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which they did with acid rain. “ Canada ought to accomplish more, as we are quite a small part of the global issue,” said Brian Mulroney. Their part is to help Canadian companies to sell to the far
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