The Global Challenge

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The Global Challenge - Topic 2 Every city that has hosted an Olympics, Commonwealth Games or World Cup event has seen some social unrest about the negative impact of the event on local people. Choose a recent Games-event host city and research the debate about the impact of that event on the city and its people. Critically discuss, i relation to relevant literature, the negative impacts the Games events have on a city and what gives rise to these impaction the basis of evidence that you have gathered and the literature on social struggles against games events, comment on whether you think local opposition to these events is warranted. Events such as the Commonwealth games in Glasgow are more about the state gaining land and improving the cities international image than helping the local community (Glasgow Games Monitor, 2011). The Glasgow state used the global legacy, support and exceptionality of the games to justify the transformation of culture and the exploitation of the lower classes. They did this through neoliberal based policy, violence and the manipulation of consumerism. This resulted in the working class of Glasgow falling victim to exclusionary displacement, economic vulnerability and helplessness. The impacts of the commonwealth games improved the international image of Glasgow and the benefits accumulated with the state and the richer citizens, whilst the poor were left displaced and 'unsuccessful ' citizens (Paton, 2012). Displacement was a negative
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