The Global Climate Change Debate Essay

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The Global Climate Change Debate – How do I know what to believe?
Climate change has been a topic of debate for decades. Scientists support climate change is happening with hard scientific evidence whereas the people who oppose climate change have evidence which is mainly opinion-based. This report will cover what climate change is, why climate change is happening, the science that supports climate change, the different views and opinions on climate change, the effects of climate change around the world and particularly the effects in New Zealand, my opinion on climate change and my conclusion on the issue.
The science of Climate Change:
(1) The process of climate change

The most basic definition for climate change is a change in the average weather conditions and this has always been a part of the Earth’s natural process however recently climate change has been used to refer to the change caused by human activities, this is known as Human-Induced Climate Change. Human-Induced Climate Change began after the Industrial Revolution but it didn’t have a large effect until after the 1950s in which human activities greatly accelerated. Will Steffen in an interview referred to this as “The Great Acceleration” (2)

(2) The Great Acceleration shows how human activities and environmental trends have increased of the past 60 years.

Will Steffen late said in the interview, in reference to the graph, “This to me is the most convincing evidence that we have
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