The Global Code Of Ethics

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The Global Code of Ethics outlined herein describes how this international organization intends to do business. Because this business is global, working in conjunction with different cultures is of utmost importance. Drafting, implementing, and monitoring the Global Code of Ethics has involved and will continue to include a team from all aspects of the business, including; the Board of Directors, the General Counsel, Human Resources Directors, Managers, and Employee Representatives. Further, as an international organization, there are implicit and explicit standards of conduct, goals, responsibilities, and values to which each employee and stakeholder will adhere. The Global Code of Ethics found in this document has been tailored to align with both the vision of the company and its objectives. The “Topics” listed in Section II below are not a comprehensive list for employees and stakeholders. It is a modified approach identifying how the company will do business and how its employees will perform. It is assumed, therefore, that although not all topics regarding ethics have been broached, all employees and stakeholders will hold themselves and each other to the highest moral standard and will not partake in any activity that can be deemed ethically questionable, even if it is not outlined below.

a. Confidentiality
In order to maintain the integrity of our business and reduce the likelihood of competitors accessing our internal policies, procedures,…

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