The Global Collapse Of Fish Species

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On November 3, 2006, the New York Times published a front-page article titled, “Study Sees 'Global Collapse ' of Fish Species.” Within the article, experts cited that if “fishing around the world continues at its present pace, more and more species will vanish, marine ecosystems will unravel and there will be 'global collapse ' of all species currently fished, possibly as soon as midcentury.” (Dean, 2006). The issue of overfishing, which is defined as “continuously taking more fish than can be replaced by reproduction and growth,” (Overfishing: What Everyone Needs to Know, Hilborn 5) has become prevalent in society today. This is because of the advancements in technology and the pressure made by food industries for fisheries to catch…show more content…
There is one reason as to how the population of the cod collapsed: overfishing. Before the 1960s, the cod of Newfoundland had sustained a population where natality and mortality rates (includes natural death, death by predators, and fishing) were balanced. However, when foreign factory ships migrated towards Newfoundland, the population of the cod began to drastically increase. In the 1960s, over 30% of foreign ships reported catching over 800,000 tons of cod in a single year. From that point on, the birth and growth rates of the cod began to decrease. As of result, Canada attempted to take control of the fishery; unfortunately, it was unable to rebuild the population. Due to this,
Canada was unable to meet it 's target catch in 1991. This caused not only a problem in the food industry, but for the economy as a whole. Once Crosbie closed the cod fishery, about 20,000 people became unemployed. This event depicts how overfishing affects the jobs of those who work in the industry. According to the United States Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), commercial fishing employs about 44 million people. If fish populations continue to decline, millions of people will become unemployed as did those in Newfoundland. This will effect the incomes of families, thus affecting the economic statuses of countries. Along with those who work as fisherman, those who work in the food industry are affected as well.
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