The Global Community And Defeating Isis

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Laurin Collins Mrs. Dannolfo LA 3: 8 11 May 2016 The Global Community and Defeating ISIS Osama bin Laden. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Akhtar Mansour. These names are not the words will hear on the street. Or in the shopping mall. But if switch on the 9 o 'clock news,some might hear these names following Al Qaeda, Taliban, or ISIS. These are not the name everyone would think would decapitate a young christian man on live television. Or would murder more than 130 people and wounded many more. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. What they have done to us has torn countries, taken lives, and destroyed homes. What must the global community do to combat ISIS is forge a unified system of communication strong enough to separate what must…show more content…
This is called radicalization. We must prevent "Muslim youths from getting psychologically and emotionally attracted to ISIS’s grand plans." (Venu). This happens much like cyber bullying. "The worry is that what al-Qaeda could not achieve what ISIS can: attract Indian Muslims through social media and win new supporters." (Raman). Social media has played a big part in this story, making it easy to make plans and execute them. "In spite of ISIS 's ferocious social media presence, partly responsible for successful enlistments -- its affiliates posted 129,600 tweets in 2014 alone, before some 500 accounts were deactivated -- till late 2015, ISIS had lured and converted only some 17 Indians to its cause, according to United Nations and the US National Counterterrorism Centre statistics." (Daniels). It is easier to meet on an anonymous online chat room via. Facebook than it is to fly thousands of miles for a terrorist meeting. But the dangerous part is, when to believe ISIS. A case in India states that a family hired a tutor for their son who apparently was part of ISIS. "Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar was quoted as saying that the family didn 't mention the boy was being pressured to join a terrorist group. The boy, a Hindu, the tutor is apparently a Muslim." (Kumar). This shows how people are aware of the threat from ISIS. But this is not something we can fight alone. Not if we want to win. Many countries have attempted to do just this, but have
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