The Global Community Is Growing At An Exponential Rate

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DME: Sustaining Earth
The global community is growing at an exponential rate. Societies and their demands are growing larger every day; therefore, more energy is required to meet the daily requirements. Technological advances are allowing societies to grow bigger, but in reality, a bigger society is not necessary. The societal and technological developments are requiring more petroleum based products to fuel the demand to grow larger. Petroleum based products are cheap and abundant, but come at the expense of producing harming emissions. Emissions like nitrous, sulphur, and carbon oxides are developed as by-products from burning fossil fuels which then disposes waste within the atmosphere. Slowly but steadily the earth is becoming an unsustainable place to live. Alternative fuel sources are being researched to help this problem. So far, the most promising alternative fuel resource being researched and being used to a small scale is dimethyl ether. Dimethyl ether (DME) is an efficient, clean, and highly reliable resource that produces less emissions and toxins than the current widely used petroleum products. DME has the possibility to eliminate the dangers of petroleum production and consumption while still providing the same quantity of energy. Implementing such a product is difficult, as liquid petroleum products already set the norm. To implement, research must be done to determine the viability. Outlined is the science required to make DME, its characteristics, economics,
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