The Global Competition Of The Auto Industry

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Today I will attempt to address the following topics of Global Competition, New Industry Technology, the effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions to this and Industry specific Consumer opinions about the product in regards to the Auto Industry in America. Very seldom will you find a brand new car manufacturer in the world, only when there is complete change an innovation such as Tesla will you find an auto company able to develop and grow a new car as well as a new infrastructure for driving them. With that being stated, the Global competition in the automobile industry is both extremely competitive and cut-throat. New vehicle iterations are being created on an annual basis and each time a car is created, the consumer is requiring more options and more fuel economy, and whether its Ford, Chevy or GM that is building the vehicle, they must meet the demands of both customers in the United States and abroad. The brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and BMW don 't make it easy for any of the largest US-based automakers. More and more people from the United States want to feel like they are in a luxury vehicle and with powerhouse brands such as Mercedes and BMW creating more lower end vehicles, the automobile industry in the United States is finding it hard to keep their current customers loyal. The most challenging issue the United States Auto Industry is facing is one of how to power all of the vehicles that are being built and sold by the…
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