The Global Competition Today, Is The Basic Element To Define

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The global competition today, is the basic element to define organization’s strategies as a result industrial economy that has been experienced to pass toward the knowledge economy. When you become a competitor in market day after day it will be difficult to improve sustainable growth for the organization’s side. Most of researchers are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the competitive work environment and always try to find ways for adapting to competitive conditions.

Human resource management is the process of managing people in organization in thorough manner and structured. This covers the fields of hiring people, par and perks setting and management, retention people and performance management. Moreover, it also
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Changing internal and external environmental situations and new problems is the most important source of competitive advantage that gives strategic importance for people.
Managers finished their work through employees. They allocate the resources, take decisions achieve organizational goals and direct the activities of others. Organization is a social unit, composed of two or more people which purpose to achieve a common goal.
Moreover, the management of human resources is a particular method of employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic development of a workforce more dedicated and capable, using a variety of techniques integrated cultural, structural and personnel (Boxall et al., 2008; Legge, 1989)
The basic goal of human resource management is to make sure that the organization will be able to reach and achieve its success through people. Also it aims to increase the organizational skills and its effectiveness which means achieving its goals using the offered resources in the best possible way. At this stage where total quality is main important, efficiency can be achieved by the successful operation of human resources. Efficiency can knows as qualitatively high results of success and achievement in least time possible and minimal use of resources. Managers are efficient in their jobs when they invest moneys, also they do not leave their
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