The Global Consumption Of Energy

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Introduction The 21st century can be named as the energy century because the global consumption of energy is ever expanding and our ever increasing consumption of energy has led to serious environmental problems. For instance Global warming is majorly attributed to our high energy intake. So, if we continue with this irresponsible pattern of energy consumption, our future will no longer be sustainable. Hence, managing and optimizing all the available resources has become a necessity when all the available resources is beginning to drain out rapidly. Laws governing all the natural resources both renewable and non-renewable resources has a major say in how people make use of the energy available. Government plays a major role in framing these policies. Therefore, it is important that the regulating bodies are pro-active and should vision out the future before making any provisions. Moreover the end users of electricity faces many problems due to power cuts, erratic voltage, unscheduled or scheduled load shedding etc. This disturbs the normal functioning of industries, commercial institutions and households etc. This problem could be because the power generation capacity is inadequate, the generated electricity is not utilised optimally, flaws in transmission and distribution, theft, inefficient usage by end customers etc. In order to solve all these menace, concrete laws and efficient management has become undoubtedly important.
Evolution of Electricity Laws in India
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