The Global Consumption Of Oil

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The global consumption of oil has been deliberately rising for past two decades. The use of energy resources all over the world has raised concerns over the consumption of energy resources and its environmental impacts. In this essay, an attempt is made to picture the geographies of energy consumption that increased attention to carbon emissions in the G7 and BRICs and countries like India, China, Brazil, U.S.A and Canada and its implications for human society, climate and political or economic dimensions. All the data discussed in this paper about energy use and emissions are from the Enerdata Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2015 unless otherwise indicated. In the recent years, overall demand growth for oil is strong in Asia pacific region and North America. The consumption of energy resources in major developing and industrial countries, namely, China, India and Brazil is expanding rapidly, but on the other hand, G7 countries where most of the demand of oil are consumed, demand for oil has been static and seems to be reduced from last few years. In 1990s, U.S and G7 countries were top consumers of oil, at present BRICs countries and China, are becoming greatest consumers of oil, although G7 countries and U.S are reducing their demand as compared to past two decades but still their demand is higher even from BRICs and China. The rapid increase in fossil energy consumption by emerging economies over the past decade clearly reflects the global increase in CO2
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