The Global Cruise Ship Industry

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It is the first day of your Caribbean cruise vacation and you are overwhelmed with excitement. After months of anticipation you have arrived at the port of embarkation only to be welcomed by a line that circles around the arrival lounge. (Fig.1) Undenounced to a rookie in the game of cruise ship travel, this lengthy embarkation line is only the first to be encountered in every port to be visited while on cruise. This is only the first hiccup while on what is supposed to be the stress free vacation you have been anticipating. As ship capacities increase along with passenger attendance, regular customer service operations are taking longer than usual to process. The recent enhanced developments within these processes are ancient for luxury cruise operations seeking to strengthen company image and customer loyalty. The advancement in new technology, specifically the use of RFID wearable devices will ultimately increase safety, profitability, customer service and satisfaction. Fig.1 The global cruise ship industry earns upwards of $36 billion in revenue each year, a number that is set to increase, as the number of passengers continues to grow. (Hill, 2015) However, below decks, the lucrative industry hides a host of human rights abuses alongside exploitative practices and an appalling environmental record. The Cruise Lines International Association are dedicated to the comfort and care of all passengers on oceangoing cruises throughout the world and they are individually…

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