The Global Demand of Filipino Healthcare Professionals

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SLIDE 2 Philippines has been a major contributor in the global healthcare industry especially nurses and healthcare assistants. Due to rapid growth of demand, healthcare workers specially doctors and nurses have shown a greater rate of migration in last few years. However, the noticeable fact is the increasing number of availability of Filipino nurses rather than doctors as the global demand has shown a tremendous increase. Because of lack of doctors' availability in Philippines, the internal demand is not being met; similarly hiring Filipino doctors in such scenario is also a difficult task itself. Furthermore, the difference between the cultural, economic and social differences, UAE is lesser preferred destination of the Filipino doctors. SLIDE 3 Where UAE is a federal state comprising of seven different states, like other neighboring states, Dubai has been a destination for foreign labor. In 1971, the major contribution of increase in population was due to foreign population. The whole recruitment process was conducted by our HR team. Starting from posting ads on websites and newspapers and short listing candidates, the entire procedure was conducting by the HR Manager, However, it is important to know that hiring doctors requires presence of some medical practitioner who can perform interviews and evaluate candidates' proficiency in their own field. Once the candidate has been shortlisted, approval from foreign ministry has to be taken which is another long

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