The Global Dimensions And The Issues Affecting The Business Environment

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Understanding the way a business operates requires knowledge from personal experience, financial availability, and mostly an educational view. Going into business is an idea that many people may have but being educated in the area of business requires understanding of business policy, foundation, marketing, and management. In addition, business law, ethics, finance, and organizational behavior are just some of the initial points to gain an idea of how the flow of business will go. Although some businesses may begin small, many have the chance to grow into a globally known organization or franchise. Globalization has impacted the operations of businesses in diverse ways, right from the strategic planning, allocation of resources, use of technology and other best practices of leadership and management. Imperatively, the global business environment has become homogenous because of the impact of globalization (Buckley, 2014). Businesses and their leaders need to acknowledge the salient aspects of the global business dimensions and the issues affecting the business environment. This essay will evaluate the global dimensions of a business that affects the operations of a business regarding policies, laws, finances, management, and marketing among other aspects. This essay will also discuss the application of ethical principles to leadership decision making tactics. Business management advice can be discovered in Luke 16:10-13 New Living Translation (NLT), “If you are faithful
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