The Global Economy Has Become Large Size, Breadth And Diversity

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The global economy has become massive in size, breadth and diversity. There are enormous opportunities but they are also fraught with complexity. The interconnectedness between fast growing and mature regions has vastly increased the complexity, number and range of stakeholder relationships that must be managed. Business complexity is increasing every day. Although initiating a business is easier than a decade ago, sustaining and growing a business is more difficult than ever. When you consider the last decades-leading organizations, some of them have already vanished or lost market share despite their large size. Some of today 's leading organizations may not exist in the next decade due to challenges in managing complexity. One of these areas that effect complexity is within the technological aspects of all businesses as the world is now controlled by technology. In order to achieve a high standard of workmanship and efficiency in a timely manner a machine of some sort is needed. For all operations, for all industries, no matter how large or small the company is. For most companies depending on man-made production process can be a foundation of the organization where as with other organizations it can be a burden as there are times when persons become too comfortable with the aid and stop relying on themselves. “IT complexity acts as a significant tax on IT value,” says Bob Zukis, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. It’s those organizations that “have managed complexity
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