The Global Economy Or Pattern Of Weather

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In the globalized world of today, the way the systems of the planet operate could be described as ebbs and flows, because there is no end point and no isolated system. Whether it is the global economy or pattern of weather, there is always a widespread exchange of interactions and ripple effects. One such example is migration, which is simply a flow of what earth has an abundance of: humans. That is the subject of this investigation, specifically migration in the Mediterranean region, an area of the world so flooded with immigrants and refugees that it is in crisis. The Mediterranean Sea has several places where Africa and Europe come very close to meeting. There is the Strait of Gibraltar, Istanbul, and the distance from Tunisia to…show more content…
The passengers who question if the boat is seaworthy are forced onto the boat at gunpoint by the smugglers, who pack the boat above capacity with people. As of 2015, the regional border’s deadliest year so far, over 1,800 have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea. For example, in April of that year, 700 were on a boat headed for Lampedusa and only 28 have been rescued from the wreck. The situation is clearly dire for African refugees if they are willing to tolerate such hardship. What was it that caused the Africans to emigrate in such large numbers, and what are possible solutions to help them in this crisis? To begin to understand this trend of immigration flow, examine the areas where the migrants came from. One would think Tunisia and Egypt would have a fair share of migrants trying to escape from their coast as much as Libya does, but that is not so because in the past five years both countries have tightened border security significantly. Why the increase in restriction? Because in 2011, Libya ignited into a civil war between the dictator Muammar Gaddafi and rebels attempting to overthrow him. It was a violent year, but with European support via the NATO military campaign the dictator was toppled and the rebels were left to take control. It left a power vacuum, and the provisional government that the rebels should have
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