The Global Factors Influencing on Business Strategy

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Content 1. Abstract 4 2. Introduction 4 3. Literature review 5 4. Research metrology 6 5. Strategy 7 5-1 - Export Markets 8 5-2 - International Markets 8 5-3 - International Competitiveness 9 5-4 - International trade 9 5-5 -Trade blocs 10 5-6- International strategy 10 5-6-1 Mergers and acquisitions 11 5-6-2 Alliance 12 5-6-3 Cost leadership 13 5-6-4 Joint venture 13 6. Global Factors: 14 6-1 -Political…show more content…
Strategy is a set off ability and resources of company that integrated and coordinated and design to exploit core competency and gain a competitive advantage. In the global business there are many different strategy, for different company, if one company want to active in global market different manager chose the best one of them, actually it depends on company situation. At this time will explain about few of them 5-1) Export market It is the success or failure of the efforts of a company or firm to sell local produced goods and services in other nations. With evaluating export market we can describe in objective terms such as sales, profits, or marketing measures or by subjective measures such as distributor or customer satisfaction. In the export market, all parties want to maximize the benefit in an environment of unrestricted trade, even if absolute advantages in production exist between the parties. The first strategy in all country is that develop international trading. The most countries while international trade want to present much of history, its economic, social, and political importance . International trade is a major source of economic revenue for any nation that is considered a world power. Without international trade, nations would be limited to the goods and services produced within their own borders. 5-2) International market All of international company
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