The Global Financial System Has Influenced By Three Pillars That Have Shaped Modernity

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When one hears the name Manchester United what comes to mind? Football club based out of Manchester with prestige and globalized supporters. Sports have an amazing way of bringing people from different backgrounds together believing in one entity. In modernity, modern sport has taken the same form of trans-national corporations. In this paper, I will argue how modern sport has been influenced by three pillars that have also shaped modernity. The global financial system, militaries, and nationalism have each helped to develop and spread sport throughout the modern world. Through interaction with specific text, I will show how each of the above mentioned pillars have interacted and developed sport. In the penultimate paragraph of this…show more content…
Soldier-athletes in the U.S. army were trained in sports in which commanders deemed important to promote U.S. hegemony, then participated in sports against solider-athletes from other nations. Basketball, boxing, and wrestling became popular sports of interest throughout many national armies, namely the United States, English, and French armies during the post-war period after WWI. Boxing was seen as the sport that could most adequately settle the debate between the role the U.S. had in winning WWI. Diplomacy and masculinity helped in the establishment of the first inter-allied games of 1918 and these games would again promote hegemony amongst allied nations. It is important to provide a background of the history between sports and the military in arguing the military’s role in spreading sports globally. Dr. Naismith explains in his work the foreign spread of basketball he witnessed after its conception in 1891. Naismith states that “there is no doubt, as I have said, that the War had a vital influence on the spread of basketball in the European nations”. Naismith explains images of seeing many basketball goals erected at American bases, where soldiers would play and French crowds would gather to watch games. Through the Inter-Allied games, basketball became a sport that many European nations adopted and began to compete in national exhibitions to showcase talent. The Philippine islands and
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