The Global Health Care System

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There are many nonprofit, government groups that assist with or focus on international issues and raise awareness for international countries that may need assistance, the most common assistance today is health issues. Services that nonprofit, government groups assist with can range from supplying water, food, vaccines, clothing, etc. All of this would include the undertaking of their health and assisting with health issues that may arise from not having enough of these items or supplements to live or lead a healthy lifestyle. Many of these organizations are non-profit organizations and only can survive to provide aide and services to the poverty level through charitable contributions. The issue today with the global health care system is that the poverty level is so high in many underdeveloped countries that only so much aide can be provided or depending on where aide does need to be provided the resources are simply not available and resources are very limited in order to make any improvement, water contamination is a major issue for many underdeveloped countries and the spread of diseases at times can be very rapid.

So speaking of organizations that provide health care aide within the global health system can range from various types and what their mission, vision and ultimate goal is in the end. The following are nonprofit organizational groups that focus on International Countries to provide aide in some sorts:
• AboutFace International
• Aficare
• American Federation…

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